How To Remove Ink From Leather

This is definitely a tip I would recommend to anyone who has kids who like drawing over your cream leather sofa, or have managed to get ink on leather some other way!

So my other half became a human piece of art work yesterday, he had his kids over, and decided to let them use biro to draw all over his arms and chest (don’t ask) he then fell asleep topless on the sofa, and woke up this morning to find the ink had transferred onto the cream leather, and had made a huge mess.
He tried pretty much everything to get it out but no luck.
I was not happy as you can imagine!

So I looked online and one of the results that came up was to try an alcohol based hairspray.. I use silvikrin maximum hold, so thought I’d give it a go. I was told to spray hairspray all over the ink and wait five minutes before washing it off, but almost immediately after using the hairspray, I could see the ink running off, so I used a baby wipe and just wiped it off. I was amazed as the ink completely disappeared instantly!

One thing I will mention though is don’t overdo it with the hairspray. There is a chance it can lighten the leather and leave it looking bleached, luckily for me it didn’t happen on this occasion.


1. Grab your hairspray
2. Spray lightly over ink stain (keep about an inch away)
3. Leave for a minute or two if no instant reaction
4. Then wipe away with a baby wipe
5. Enjoy your stain free sofa!

Hope this little tip helps!


Don’t Get Scammed!

I have been meaning to write this post for a while as it has been something I have been fooled by, and due to how easily I was fooled, I will definitely warn others.
I was due to book my driving theory test, so did what I thought was right..
I went onto Google and typed in ‘book my theory test’ seems pretty simple right? The first result that came up was a site called book-your-theory-test. I have included a link for viewers to see, as to me the site looks pretty real and I never would have thought it was all a scam.
The process was simple, I put in my preferred test centre & date, and then proceeded to the payment.
There were 3 options:
A single test for £39.50
A test + 1 re-sit for £49.50,
Or a test + unlimited re-sits for £59.50
And of course just to top it all off I paid for the unlimited re-sits. So £59.50 was taken out of my account instantly, and I waited for my confirmation email. Nothing was received after several days, but I thought I’d wait a while longer. I waited a week and a half before I sent my first email.
I sent an email to the email address on their website which is
I wrote:
Hello I booked my theory test with you quite some time ago now, and I haven’t received a single email from you giving me a date or even confirming my booking, I have proof that I was charged and the payment of £59.50 for unlimited retests has been taken out if my account.
Please advise

Surprisingly I received a reply:

Thank you for your email. I have escalated your email onto the booking department as a matter of urgency who will hopefully resolve the matter as soon as possible and forward a copy of the confirmation email onto your email address.

Kind Regards
Book Your Theory Test

Great! I thought, hopefully I can sit my theory test soon!

Yet another week and a half went by and I was wondering what on earth was going on. So I went onto the website again and phoned their booking enquiry line (charged at £1.53 a minute) and was greeted by an automated voice welcoming you, and placing you on hold until someone is free to speak to you. After being put on hold for not even a minute, the line goes blank and you get cut off.
They also have a complaints number, which when dialled you are asked to leave a message after the beep, well after you hear the beep the line also goes flat.
So I sent another email, and of course no response. So several days later I send my third email, furious by this point, asking what on earth is going on..
Well before I found out it was all a scam, after many more unsuccessful phone calls, and two more furious emails, I looked online into reviews about this site, and was shocked to see all of the complaints that faced me.
Apparently the office address they give you doesn’t exist, the numbers aren’t real, and the site is run by a 32 year old guy from Birmingham who has been fined over £82,000.
But what shocked me is why this site is still running!
If this scammer has been found out and caught, then why on earth is this site still running, and are still able to take your money?!
I was advised by a fellow victim of this scam, to phone my bank, and give them the details of the payment that was taken, so they can look into the case and hopefully refund my money.
I was also told to contact the police to report the scam which I did.
It’s such a worrying feeling knowing that someone out there has your card details, your address, and your driving licence details, and who knows what their doing with it?
I gave all the details of the website, and was given a crime reference number, and they also said they will look into the case.

I am still waiting to hear back as this has happened to me fairly recently.
I just advise everyone reading this who is in need of booking their theory test, to go to the proper website at as I have also read a lot of the other sites out there that claim you can book your theory test in with them are also scams.
So be vigilant people and don’t be fooled as I was!


I found myself reading a blog the other night about the strangest injuries people have ever had.

It made me think about my younger years and some of the stuff that I had done.

1. I remember curling my hair one day when I dropped the curling iron onto my bare leg.. The pain was unreal.. And to top it off it for some reason it left a fish shaped burn which I had to walk around with for months

2. I was making myself some tea and toast, and as I reached over to get the toast out, the kettle clicked and the steam burnt the while of my left forearm.. It was horrendous and I had to sleep in the bathroom with my arm in a bath full of cold water because every time I took it out it hurt so bad where the air would hit it. It melted my skin away and eventually scanned over, and just as it was healing it was very loose infected skin and I remember crossing the road with my nan and a car came out of nowhere so she grabbed my poor arm and yanked me across the road, and was left with the disgusting-ness of my arm skin in her hand, whilst I had to wait weeks for it to heal over.

3. When I was in year 8 at school we used to play ‘piggy back races’ as I’m sure you can picture.. One time I was on my friends back who was quite talk and she dropped me whilst running and I landed on my left shoulder and it dislocated.. I was in so much shock I couldn’t feel the pain at first, I just remember my friends backing away and one of them was actually sick at the sight of my arm awkwardly hanging out of its socket.
To make matters worse when I told my parents they didn’t believe me and called me a drama queen! Months went past before they finally took me to the doctors who was shocked how I managed to cope with it for so long.
They referred me to hospital where they said they would try to physically tape back into place! Whoever heard of such a thing! Well we done that and the pain was even worse than when I dislocated it! It only lasted an hour from me leaving the hospital before I had to ask my mum to rip the tape off, yanking my arm out of the socket again.
Oh wow it was a horrible experience! In the end I had to do months worth of physio therapy which helped slightly but to this day my arm still is not in place properly.

The Sunshine Award!


Hey guys!

The wonderful and inspirational Jojo has nominated me for The Sunshine Award!! Thanks Jojo! 😘

The questions I have been given to answer are as follows:

1. If you could have a part of the day frozen for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

Ooh I would have to say the evening, when I’m snuggled up with the other half, watching a film and having a nice night in. I’m not a morning person at all. In fact I don’t stop being miserable about getting up in the morning until early lunchtime.
I find it so depressing every morning, with the same routine – dragging myself out of bed, forcing myself to get ready quickly and then dealing with work and the day ahead. I long for the day to be over so I can go home and relax.

2. What does your style say about you?

Well on a typical weekend during the day I will wear skinny jeans, and either a baggy jumper or some sort of t shirt with graphics on. I don’t wear much make up or bother with my hair too much unless I am going out. I would say my style relates to the music I listen to which is rock music, I have a sort of grunge look which I think makes me stand out.

3. Flats or heels?

Mm tricky… I feel more confident in heels (especially my tall black lace up heel boots) I wear heels for work, but on a weekend I stick to converses/vans as it’s comfier and also easier to drive in.

4. Would you rather be the nose or the ears? Why?

Ears definitely, so I could hear everything that is going on, and catch all the gossip.

5. How old were you when you started using the internet?

Oh gosh erm I think I was probably around 13? But this was only to play games, I didn’t start social networking until 15, 19 for blogging.

6. Have you ever wanted to be someone else when you were young? Explain.

Not really if I’m completely honest, I have never envied another person such as a celebrity enough to actually want to be them.

7. If you were to be stranded on the desert and had only one type of dessert, what would it be?

Chocolate browniessssss all the way! Mm mm mmmmm

8. What’s your ideal weekend?

I’d say popping to the pub for a bit of lunch and a few drinks in the afternoon, and spending time with my other half.

9. What do you like most about fruits?

Ha well I don’t really eat fruits to be honest so can’t really answer that 😁

10. What do you hope to accomplish through your blog?

To gain new friends, share some of my stories, and listen to others, whilst sharing and gaining experiences and inspiration! ☺️☺️


My nominees are:

And my 10 questions for my nominees are:

1. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

2. If you had to drink one drink for the rest of your life what would it be?

3. What’s the song that has the most meaning to you?

4. If you could marry any celebrity who would it be?

5. What was your main intentions in starting your blog?

6. What is your favourite movie and why?

7. What is your biggest fear?

8. What do you most look forward to in life?

9. If you could change any moment in time what would it be?

10. Would you rather be always hot or always cold?

Enjoy! ☺️☺️


The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award


So I have been nominated for this wonderful award by belsbror thank you very much by the way! ☺️
The rules are:

1.Display the logo on a post.

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3.Nominate 14 readers other bloggers and inform them via comment in their blog sites.

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Simply WOW!

Originally posted on Girl and the dragon:


So as mentioned previously I have this large part of me that loves the piano. I have listened to so many amazing pianists, and now I am going to post my favourites.

I hope you all appreciate these videos as much as I do
(yes this is my soft side)

There are no words.. Just simply incredible..

Pirates Of The Carribean – Jarrod Radnich
Wake Me Up – Jonny May
A Whole New World
All Of Me – Jon Schmidt
Hedwig Theme – Jarrod Radnich
Moonlight Sonata Mvt 3 – Wilhelm Kempff
Toxicity – VkGoesWild

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The Beautiful Blogger Award!


Hi all!!
I have just been nominated for the beautiful blogger award by

This is my second nomination for a blogger award and it really is such an honour!

I would like to thank for nominating me and I will now post links to my seven nominees blogs

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The Disappointing Sandwich


Do you remember being a kid and your mum making your pack lunches?

I remember putting my named lunch box on a trolley at school that was left there until lunch time when I could finally find out what my mum had made for me.
I was obsessed with food, so all day I would be thinking ‘I wonder what I’ve got for lunch today’ and hope it was something nice.

I know it sounds so ungrateful but when I used to find I had such a boring sandwich, I’d think my lunch was ruined. I used to sit in the playground and begrudgingly eat my lunch just for the sake of being hungry.

Now I’m a lot older I actually enjoy food shopping! I can pick out all my sandwich fillings, snacks, salads, and can have a lunch I actually look forward to.

I look back at my younger days and remember how much fuss I used to make about what I would be having for lunch, and also what my dinner would be when I was to get home.

Now it seems so funny, even though I do plan out my meals, it was the thought of not knowing what I was having and having no control when I was younger.

Did You Know?


So as I am gaining friends and followers here in WordPress, I would like to share some weird and interesting facts about myself for your viewing and feedback.
Also it would be cool if you could share ten facts about yourself too! ☺️

1. I have never been able to whistle, and have tried endlessly

2. I was overweight as a child and am now underweight and am unable to gain anything even though I can eat atrociously large amounts

3. My left shoulder is dislocated and has been for 6 years, it is unable to go back into place properly

4. I am obsessed with always having big hair, due to my rather large eyes and looking like some sort of alien if I have flat hair

5. I have a scar on my left hand due to a canoeing incident when I was younger

6. I have appeared in several music videos (nothing big – unsigned artists)

7. My eyes are a dark hazel but go ridiculously bright green in the summer

8. My tattoos have all been drawn up and designed by myself

9. I have had insomnia for several years and no sleeping tablet or remedy seems to work

10. I used to have a severe addiction to monster energy drinks, and had major withdrawal symptoms when I finally stopped drinking them.