2 Ambulances In 2 Weeks!

Well what a couple of weeks I’ve had!
Two dramas, both involving ambulances! In two weeks!

The first was when my other half was driving us both to work, and we ended up crashing into the car in front after they decided to slam on the brakes suddenly, and of course, to top it off their brake lights weren’t working!

We was in a brand new company car, which just crumpled under the impact, whilst all the airbags went off, filling the car up with smoke.
We got out the car whilst Rob had a screaming match with the woman in the car in front.
And I sat on the side, holding my chest because I couldn’t breathe.
My other half had hit his head and was severely concussed but completely ignores all this because he was so worried for me.
Rob called his manager who came down to the scene immediately and phoned for an ambulance.
The woman in the car in front just went on her way after the screaming match was over, and the ambulance got there shortly after.
I sat in with a couple of paramedics who were so friendly and funny!
And they checked my blood pressure, done an ECG and managed to calm me down. By this point my hands and lips were blue where I was so cold, and a paramedic wrapped a blanket around me.
They were so lovely and eventually let me go on my way.
After all this I dragged my other half to hospital and demanded that he gets seen, as he was talking complete gibberish and I was terrified!
Crying frantically like a mad woman!
The doctor gave him lots of tablets and advised we both go home and rest for the day which we did.

The car accident has scarred me for life, and I don’t think I can get in the car with anyone else for a while now, which means I am driving everywhere!

The second incident was just this morning. I woke up feeling a bit icky but nothing major. I drove into work, walked into my office and sat down, when all of a sudden my vision started going and I felt really really faint. I managed to walk over to the fan and put it on full blast, whilst I struggled to take my blazer off due to the excessive amount of sweat sticking it to me (bit gross sorry) I remember everything going black and me falling to the floor.
When I came around, my manager, and colleagues were all standing over me, trying to sit me up; and then some paramedics walked in.
Eventually I managed to sit on my chair.
The scariest part was that I couldn’t move my hands. They were as stiff as a board, and my fingers were in really weird positions, and they were like claws! I couldn’t even pick up a bottle of water because my hands were just stuck in a weird position.
It was so horrible!
My whole body was filled with pins and needles and I couldn’t move my head or legs, and my stomach felt like it had one of them toning belts on!
The paramedics wheeled me to the ambulance, and they done more tests.
Because I had collapsed they had to take me to the hospital where I was seen straight away by a doctor, had a blood test done and several other ECG’s. The results said that my blood pressure is quite low, and I got a lecture about my bad appetite, and they instructed me to eat more and healthier!

Hopefully I won’t be seeing another ambulance for a while!

Oh Weekend, Where Have You Gone?


It’s Friday and your at work..
Watching the clock..
Every minute that goes by is a minute closer to the weekend.
When there’s hours to go you find yourself getting irritable and trying to keep yourself busy so that the time goes quicker and you will be home and ready for the weekend.
Time to rest, time to socialise with friends, time to sit back and put your feet up with nothing to worry about.

Finally! It’s time to go home!
You rush out that door, rearing to go home, thank god the week is over at last!
Two whole days free to relax!
You rush home and pour yourself a drink. You deserve to celebrate after such a long week, knowing that it is over for now.
You enjoy a glass of your favourite bubbly in front of the TV. A smile on your face knowing you can have that lay in tomorrow. Planning what to do on your day off if you haven’t already.
Go out with friends? Get your chores done? or just relax?
Oh the decisions, but you have two whole days to get things done!

Saturday mornings are normally spent getting the housework done, any shopping, or any jobs that you need to do. When it’s all done you can sit back and watch a film over lunch before dinner.
You can have a late night because well why not? You can have yet another lay in tomorrow and all the boring bits have been done that morning so Sunday can be your lazy day.
Ahh such a good feeling!

Sunday comes, you spend the day doing absolutely nothing.
Ahhh bliss..
You don’t get out of bed until late, still have your pyjamas on for half the day.
When you can finally be bothered to get ready, you do.
You potter about the house thinking about what else can be done before the working week starts again.
Oh no! Work tomorrow..
That dreaded feeling.
Where did my weekend go?
It went so quick..
I wish I had a longer weekend. I’m not ready to go back to work yet.

Sunday night you make the most of your free time before it all starts again..

Before you know it your alarm is going off on Monday morning..

Oh weekend, where did you go?

FOR SALE!! St Paul’s Cathedral Model!

Hi Guys,
So my dad who has always been an architecture and art fanatic has built this amazing model of St Paul’s Cathedral and grounds!

This model is absolutely amazing and it’s detail is so incredible!

It belongs in a museum or with a London enthusiast as it is such an incredible piece!

Please share the word and take a look at this model.

I am selling on behalf of my father, and we are looking ideally for £5,000 plus, and we are open to sensible offers.

Model is approximately 3ft x 1ft

Please contact at – laurenlesleygreen@gmail.com if any queries!

Must be collected from Bromley, London, England!

Thank you!



















Dreams And Their Meanings

I have always wondered what my dreams mean..

Lately I keep having a dream, roughly twice a week, that I am in a boxing ring, fighting against a guy slightly older than me, and he punches me in the mouth so hard, my mouth fills with blood, and I turn to spit it out of the ring.. The reality of this dream is, I am actually lying in bed and just spitting all over myself, waking myself up and ending up covered in my own saliva.
The last time I had this dream was a couple of days ago, and as I woke up I found my hair was covered in my own spit and I had to quickly wash it again before work.
Random! I think I know the meaning of this dream though. I used to be part of a boxing club for a several years, in which I used to attend tournaments and win lots of medals and trophies, and I gave it up due to my club getting smaller and the age of the other boxers not being near mine, so it was an unfair match.
I have often thought about getting back into boxing as I thoroughly enjoyed it, and won a lot of medals.
Maybe the dream I keep having is a warning of what could happen, and a reminder of the injuries that could occur.
Or it also could be a fear of getting hurt in life and a worry about trusting other people. Who knows?

According to dreambible.com, to dream of boxing means:

To dream of boxing represents a struggle to prove yourself. Wanting to prove you are stronger than someone that thinks they are stronger than you. Attempting to prove to someone else that you are a bigger winner than they are. Proving you are strong or proving you are good enough.

The most common dream I hear of, which I have also had many many times, is a dream of falling.
Have you ever dreamt you were falling through the air, and suddenly jolted, waking yourself up and wondered what on earth had just happened?
Yeah that’s pretty common..

To dream of falling, is most likely to mean a fear of losing control, or losing grip on a current situation.
So it sounds like we are all in the same boat, and share fears!

The Truth About Starsigns

So I have never been one to live my life by letting it be planned for me..

It’s interesting how you can tell people your starsign and they think they know your personality, because they follow the pre judged and determined characteristics that takes control of your charisma.

For people who believe in astrology, Starsigns can have a massive impact on your life and the decisions you make; this can be to the extent of your occupation, and who you end up marrying. According to the ‘signs’ there are starsigns that just do not mix and cannot be a love match. And there are a lot of people out there who will avoid falling for a person because of their starsign as they believe they could never be a good match.

There are 12 different Starsigns which each have been given certain characteristics, talents, strengths and weaknesses, aswell as being grouped into either an air, water, fire and earth elements.. Sounds confusing right?

So me for example.. I am a Gemini, which is apparently an air element.
I done some online research on my starsign and this is what I found on Starsigns.com..

As you might expect, those born under the sign of the Twins have multiple aspects to their personalities. They are avid collectors of information and gossip, always on the lookout for a new fact they can store away and bring up in conversation at a later date. Geminis are highly communicative and sociable, and love to be the centre of attention. Fortunately their ability to talk about anything to anyone means that they seldom flounder when the spotlight is on them.

In the financial world, Geminis sometimes have a remarkable knack for making money. However they are equally adept at spending it, especially if they are bored or understimulated. Geminis need excitement in their lives, and if it is missing then they will move on until they find it.

In relationships, Geminis need a partner who can keep up with them. If they find such a person then Geminis are loving and faithful – but if their interest is not maintained then they can be quick to walk away and put things behind them. Life for a Gemini has to be exciting and lived to the full!”

That’s a strong way to define me right? So all us Gemini’s out there are the same? A clone of each other who all have the same personality?

WOW! How small minded people can be..

I even read somewhere about where the erogenous zones are on a Gemini and what their sex life is like!
Oh come on! How can people live by what is on the internet and pre judge a person before actually getting to know them.
In my opinion a person is who they are because of their upbringing, who they associate themselves with, and what they have been taught. We are all entitled to our own opinions and we all think differently, we are only the same as each other if we allow ourselves to be; if we all follow and copy each other then the world will end up full of clones and quite frankly morons.
We need to be individual! Stand out from the crowd and make a difference!

Do you not agree?

Lions And Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Okay well no bears, but I did see lions and tigers as well as gorillas and many other animals at the Zoo last weekend!

I went to Port Lympe zoo, with my other half and his two children and my sister, and had a really good day!

The weather was nice and sunny, that morning so I thought as we were all free why not go out for the day?

The first thing we saw was monkeys, they we’re so cute! Especially the tiny baby ones!


Then we saw some rhinos, who were just laying there relaxing , they didn’t want to get up and say hello.


Then we went to the gorillas cage..
The biggest gorilla there was laying there sunbathing looking as bored as anything, poor thing..
He took a liking to my other half, as he kept passing him straw through the cage, this went on for about 20 minutes. Every time my other half threw it away, the gorilla would just hand him more, it was hilarious.



Then we got to the lions den. This was probably the saddest part as we saw a male and female lion cooped up in a cage which barely had enough room for them to run in. The female lion was laying down, looking like she had no energy to get up; whilst the male lion just paced up and down.


Last but not least we got to the tigers! Which was mine and my partners favourite part! I think they are such beautiful creatures, and my other half is always saying that if he wins the lottery, the first thing he will do is buy a tiger!


Before this day I hadn’t been to the zoo since I was very young, so it was a good experience! And I will be returning!

Attachment/Losing Yourself?

It’s weird to think that when your in a long term relationship you can forget who you really are. You can be so used to being known as ‘a couple’ ‘a pair’ or ‘a duo’ that you can lose yourself in the process.
Decisions you make aren’t always down to just you. Decisions are normally joint.
What are we going to do tonight? What shall we do this weekend? What are we having for dinner? You can end up changing your normal decisions and plans because it is not just you, you are planing and deciding for. Your partner is such a huge part of your life that it impacts the way you think.
I’m not saying this is always a bad thing. I am in a long term relationship, and I think it’s quite nice to plan for us both.
What film can I get for us to watch tonight? What’s out in the cinema that we would both like to go and watch? What restaurant could we go to?
If I was single, I couldn’t imagine my life being anywhere near as interesting..
‘Ahh I can’t be bothered to cook for just me, I’ll just have something quick and easy’
‘Ooh that new film out looks good, but I’ll wait until it’s out on DVD as it’s not fun going to the cinema on your own’

I don’t have many friends to go out with anymore so it’s different if you do, because you can spend your time with them and involve them in what you do.

I have also suffered with social anxiety for years, so the thought of going to the cinema alone or eating alone is terrifying for me, and I would never even consider it. I know people who do, so it can’t be that out of the ordinary as I would think.

Being in a relationship means give and take. You have to consider your partners point of view and decisions and respect them as you would wish they do for you.